Limited Edition Christmas Camo Keyfob

Photo Nov 30, 12 55 47 PM

For the holiday season, we’re releasing a limited run of Christmas Camo Paracord BRZN Bullet Casing Keyfobs. There are only 10 available, and they will only be around for purchase until 12/25/14. If you want a limited edition BRZN number for your keys, act quick.

Photo Nov 30, 12 55 21 PM

Pick yours up in the BRZN Shop.

Photo Nov 30, 12 56 42 PM

This BRZN Recycled Bullet Casing Keyfob / Keychain makes it ridiculously easy to find your keys in your backpack / bag / purse / pants. To install, just separate your keys like you’re putting a new house key on, but slide on the paracord loop. One keyfob per purchase. NO keys or split rings included with purchase.

Individually handmade in Chicago
Made in the USA materials
Real, recycled, cleaned 45 Colt and 30-06 bullet casings with various headstamps
Bullet Casing Keyfob approximately 2 1/2″ in length
Paracord loop approximately 1 1/4″ in length
Approximately 3 3/4″ total length
1/2″ in diameter
Unique, will patina over time
Handle without care
Ships in gift bag and gift box

Photo Nov 30, 12 59 27 PM

If you want something a little more… solid, check out the Black, Red and Orange keyfob options here.