Sneaker Camo Paracord Bullet Bracelet


Panting heavily after furiously clicking trying to get that latest AF1 restock? Pissed you missed the drop because of a bot? Not looking to drop another three months of rent hunting for some shits that have a name ripped straight out of the title of 90s movie about submarines? Boy, have we got something for you!

The new BRZN Sneaker Camo Paracord Bullet Bracelet has absolutely nothing to do with sneakers. You can’t wear it on your feet. You don’t have to camp out to buy it. Hell, you don’t even have to go to a store to buy it; you can order it from the comfort of your desk chair at the office job you hate and it will just show up in your mailbox in the next few days (YMMV depending on location). And yet, for some reason, the black, gray and blue colorway–accented with the bright orange stripe throughout–just felt like it had to be called Sneaker Camo.

Vans. Stans. Jumpmans. It doesn’t matter what kicks you’re wearing, sockless or not, this bracelet will compliment them if it’s on your wrist.

Get yours here